Triple R filter elements

The original and still the best.

Triple R’s continuous investment in research and development delivers the highest standard of efficiency in oil filtration. Protecting your investments while boosting productivity.

Our filter elements are designed to cleanse industrial oils, removing everything from solid particles to water to sludge, varnish and oxidation residues. All within a single element - a Triple R unique, unmatched by any filter manufacturer worldwide.


A wide range to fit every application.

All Triple R filter elements are Multipass-tested and guarantee consistent and reproducible micron ratings and filtration efficiency. The filter element range comes in 4 sizes (30, 50, 100 and 300 size), in various filter materials from cellulose to polyester to PP, and in 2 different setups (standard setup or ‘double stage’ D-series setup).



The Triple R 3-stage filtration concept.

  • The axial flow creates a 114 mm thick filter buildup.
  • The combination of Triple R’s special cellulose material and the thickness of the element allows absorbing of water and sludge.
  • The lower part is compressed by a carton box, creating an even finer filter medium.
  1. Big particles stay on top of the element.
  2. Smaller particles are captured in the upper
    non-compressed part.
  3. The smallest particles are captured in the
    lower compressed part


TIP: use Triple R to analyse your systems condition.

When you open the lid of our Triple R housings, you can look at the top of the filter element inside.
The outlook of the filter element and the type of contaminants present on the top allow to draw conclusion about your systems condition.


Flexible sizing

Triple R offers a wide range of filter housings that run from 1 up to 6 filter elements.

That allows increasing the flow rate, and thus using Triple R for very large oil volumes and for achieving important flow rates, up to 60,0 l/min.





Ask your Triple R representative for detailed information.


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