We are Triple R UK Ltd / ChA Oil Systems Ltd – offering Oil Maintenance Solutions to Industry.

ChA Oil Systems Ltd & Triple R UK Ltd stand first and foremost for high-quality products and outstanding customer service. Using our years of experience we can and will save you money by reducing your machine downtime and by extending the life of your oil.


We have systems for a vast variety of applications in a large variety of industries. Browse through our website - if you cannot see an application to suit you then please contact us and we will do our best to assist.


Why Use Triple R?

For all industrial fluids like hydraulic oil, lubrication, engine and turbine oil and even Diesel Fuels.


TRIPLE R is changing OIL FILTRATION into OIL CLEANING thanks to its ability to remove all pollutants. Solid PARTICLES as well as VARNISH and WATER. This unique feature is an important added value that allows an important oil life extension, while reducing oil related maintenance costs and production stops by up to 80%.


Perfect to reach your TPM targets and support your company's sustainability goals.


Triple R filters use cellulose-based cartridges for removing all oil impurities. Our elements have the lowest dirt-removal-cost-ratio in the industry. 


TRIPLE R bypass filters can easily be added to existing installations, or integrated in OEM-serial productions. Install TRIPLE R in a bypass loop or off-line.


TRIPLE R systems can be purchased, or rented on a daily basis, for a quick service action or damage control. Contact your local authorized distributor.



Switch from traditional oil filters to OIL CLEANERS!


Reduce production downtime

Impurities in the oil of hydraulic and lubrication systems cause up to 80% of all machine breakdowns and production stops.

Remove particles, sludge, varnish + water

Triple R bypass oil filters perform total oil cleaning by removing solid particles, sludge, varnish and water from all industrial oil types.

Low cost, high efficiency filtration

Triple R filters use a patented low cost micro filtration technology to remove impurities other systems cannot even detect.


Our advisors have a broad understanding of a wide range of production processes. We can help you to solve any oil impurity-related challenge and have laboratory facilities to analyze your oil samples.


Oil analysis are the backbone of every oil management system. We can help you with full detailed oil analysis reports, including particle count according to ISO 4406 and NAS 1638.


We build and install engineered filter solutions to integrate Triple R bypass filters to your production process. Digital monitoring  systems can provide you with constant data about your oil quality.

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